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Understanding  Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. first involves some understanding about Hitachi, Ltd.

  According to  Japan Zone”, Hitachi, Ltd was.. “Established as an electrical repair shop in the city of Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1910, and is the largest manufacturer of electric machinery in Japan. Hitachi also produces consumer goods, computers and transportation equipment. Hitachi entered the field of computers in 1959, and places great emphasis on research and development. The Hitachi Group includes over 1,000 companies, and is Japan's largest employer with over 320,000 employees worldwide. A member of the Hitachi group established in 1961, the Maxell brand of magnetic tapes, batteries and data storage media is recognized worldwide. Headquarters are in Tokyo.”

As “the largest (Japanese) manufacturer of electric machinery”, and “Japan’s largest employer”, Hitachi has the luxury of being able to produce many of the products that it would otherwise have to purchase elsewhere.  What does this mean?  Well, suppose you had a several hundred factories in Japan and elsewhere in the world, most of which needed PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) to run everything from conveyors, packaging and palletizing, lighting,  to complex processes and factory automation.  You could buy them from someone else, but when you have your own electronics division and electronics factories, why not build them yourself – to your exacting specifications?  You would probably build them to withstand brutal environments: vibration, airborne contaminants, heat, electrical transients, and so forth.  And you would build them to last and last (some call that "Return on Investment").  Plus, being Hitachi, you KNOW the PLCs have some of the best features around.  Hitachi is its own largest PLC customer.  However, recognizing that Hitachi PLCs are so good - many other companies have (and do) “brand label” them and sell them as their own.  (Hitachi really doesn't mind too bad.)

So, where does Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. come in, and why is it the Sole Authorized Distributor for Hitachi PLCs in North America?  Although Lighthouse incorporated in 2000, the founder had worked for nearly a decade prior to that, with a branded version of the Hitachi PLCs.  Integrating closely with Hitachi America Ltd. during this period, a trust was developed that eventually lead to the creation of the company. Hitachi America Ltd. has put this gained trust in Lighthouse PLCs, to represent thier PLC and other products to North America now for over a decade.   While Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. is not owned by Hitachi, we hold ourselves to the same standards in ethics, integrity, philosophies, and  social responsibility as the Hitachi brand represents. 

Since its inception, Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. has been driven by three simple “concepts”.  First, as Hitachi prides itself on producing the world’s finest electric and electronic devices, not just any company is allowed the privilege of “wearing the Hitachi badge”.  A distributor of a product bearing the Hitachi label should feel obliged to provide service to a degree equal to that of the product.  Accordingly, Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of service – from being prompt and courteous, to proper packaging, speedy shipping and accurate billing with adherence to special purchase restrictions (like no styrofoam peanuts, or emailed copied of invoices, etc.).  Of course, the mark of a truly good distributor isn’t found when things are going good, it is how they react when things go badly.  We like to think our performance in this area is part of the reason most of our customers are long term (for some - as long as our doors have been open).  

Sales.  Anyone can put some model numbers on a line-card or website and probably sell somebody something. You are most welcome to purchase products on eBay or some discount mega-conglomerate with a sampling of every brand made on this planet (and maybe some others). But, if you want qualified and Hitachi Authorized pre-sales support, then you really should consider purchasing from Lighthouse PLCs, Inc. (Those other guys probably buy from us anyway.)

Bearing the first two concepts in mind, the picture wouldn’t be complete without providing “post-sales” support.  We all are aware that there are far too many distributors who gladly take your money, and then do not have the ability (or motivation?)  to provide any “after the fact” support.  Just look around our website and you will begin to understand how serious we are about providing you with the best post-sale support possible. 

Thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to provide extraordinary service and quality products through knowledge and teamwork.

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REMEMBER: LIGHTHOUSE PLCs, INC. is the ONLY Authorized Hitachi PLC Warranty Source in North America!

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